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Our Origin Story

Jennifer’s Story of Perseverance


Platinum Rehabilitation Group was founded in 2017 by Jennifer Michaels. During this time, Jennifer was fighting the battle of a lifetime, her diagnosis of Non-Hodkins Lymphoma. Jennifer was required to undergo countless procedures prior to commencing chemotherapy treatment. At a time where some people would allow a cancer diagnosis to negatively consume their life and derail future prospects, Jennifer channelled her energy into creating Platinum Rehabilitation Group.

No hair, no eye brows, no eye lashes, and weighing a worrying 45 kilograms, Jennifer commenced her journey to become accredited with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority. She signed her first company whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment, without disclosing her diagnosis. Jennifer wore her wig, put some lip gloss on and commenced the hustle.

Jennifer found herself in a hole both physically and mentally, which is how most people feel when they have sustained a workplace or motor vehicle injury. Irrespective of which way you look, there is an obstacle that needs to be overcome and at times, you feel like throwing in the towel. Jennifer established Platinum Rehabilitation Group to inspire others that despite what difficulties life throws at us, there is light at the end of the tunnel as long as we maintain resilience. Jennifer’s courage, strength and positive mindset serves as inspiration for others to overcome their own challenges in life.




Official 2024 Corporate Partner