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Our accreditation with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority enables us to provide occupational rehabilitation services within the Workers Compensation and Comprehensive Third Party (CTP) Schemes

Our services

Our services

Our services


We provide services throughout NSW, both in metropolitan and regional areas.

Workplace Assessments

Our expert Rehabilitation Consultant will attend a worksite meeting with all stakeholders to assess and identify functionally appropriate suitable duties that can be performed by the injured worker, whilst they are engaging in treatment and recovering. A Recovery at Work Plan is subsequently developed by our Team, highlighting stages of a graduated return to pre-injury duties.

Suitable Duties Plans or a Recovery at Work Plan are completed subsequent to a Workplace Assessment. Our expert team will develop a proposal depicting varying stages of return to work that incorporates the suitable duties previously identified. The Suitable duties Plan is presented to all stakeholders for agreement, and adhered to throughout the recovery process.

In the instance an injured client is functionally incapable of attaining pre-injury functioning, a Vocational Assessment is performed to assess an individual’s employment and educational history, with the objective of identifying new occupations they could transition into based on their functional limitations and transferable skills.

Labour Market Analysis Reports are supplementary to a Vocational Assessment Report. Subsequent to identifying new occupational options an injured worker could be redeployed into, a labour market analysis assesses their employability prospects within said occupations to ensure suitability.

Functional Capacity Evaluations are conducted on injured workers who have sustained a physical or psychological injury. Our expert team perform various assessments with the client, and based on our observations, provide recommendations to all stakeholders on the injured client’s functional restrictions, work capacity, and treatment plan.

Medical Case Conferences are vital within our scope of work to facilitate an injured client’s recovery and ensure they are continually supported throughout the process. Our expert Rehabilitation Consultant engages in a meeting with the injured client and their Nominated Treating Doctor to ascertain information pertaining to treatment, prognosis, work capacity, and ensure progression in recovery and return to work is maintained.

In the instance where discord surfaces between employer and injured worker causing complications with the return to work process, our expert team are engaged to perform mediations with the objective of resolving conflict, overcoming barriers, and formulating a fruitful plan of action all stakeholders are agreeable to.

Our expert team of Rehabilitation Consultants facilitate job seeking meetings with injured clients who require assistance with redeployment. We provide support with an array of tasks including the development of curriculum vitae’s, application submission, interview preparation, and fruitful injury disclosure. 

Vocational Counselling is a service we utilise to facilitate emotional and mental job readiness for injured clients who have been detached from employment for a significant period of time, are resistant to the return to work process, and for those who possess psychological injuries.

Unfortunately, significant injuries could impede a person’s functional ability to independently perform everyday tasks including maintaining self-care, and completion of domestic duties. In this instance, our expert team will facilitate an Activities of Daily Living Assessment to analyse an injured client’s capacity to perform everyday tasks, and subsequently provide recommendation on appropriate service provision or equipment an individual requires to aid completion of said tasks.

Our team of experts complete Vocational Assessment Reports and Functional Capacity Evaluations for Law Firms. Our intervention is primarily triggered for Common Law claims and utilised for Work Injury Damage and Public Liability matters.



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